La Bonne Auberge - Manciet, France

Located in the heart of Armagnac Country...

La Bonne Auberge is a charming hotel and restaurant owned by local legends Chef Joseph "Pepito" Sampietro, and his wife, Pepita. 
The restaurant, consistently recommended by the Michelin Guide for over 30 years, features a seasonal menu that deliciously showcases the specialities of the region, including foie gras and Armagnac. A la carte prices range from €12 to  €36. In addition, a three-course "menu du jour" is offered for lunch daily (except Sunday) for  €13.
The hotel has fourteen chambers available, prices starting from €52.

Hotel La Bonne Auberge *
and Restaurant

Place du Pesquèrot
32370 Manciet, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Tel:    +33 05 62 08 50 04
Fax:   +33 05 62 08 58 84
Email: [email protected] 

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